What Is Financial Freedom?

What is financial freedom?

The first answer is “Money, money and more money!”

Money is the first word that springs to our mind to anything that contains the term “financial”.

However when it comes to financial freedom, our “long answer” is actually time freedom and of course money is a great enabler to facilitate this.

God is fair in the sense that no matter where you are born, all of us have 24 hours a day. And needless to say, our time on this planet is finite – a.k.a it will end at some point in time for all of us.

Most of us do not think about death (unless we come really close to it, maybe through aging or some of us who have had a close shave with a near-fatal accident). My point here is, how many of us really live our lives the way we really want it to be?

Financial freedom means much more than having an abundance of money. It is the freedom for someone to be who he/she truly is and do he/she truly wants in life. You should think of financial freedom as what defines you. It’s what you want from life and it doesn’t necessary have to revolve around dollars and cents. Luxury house, sports car, expensive watch, private jet, may not be appreciated by someone who fancies simple beaching living with his/her loved ones. Now you may come to realization that, financial freedom means different things to different individuals.

Sadly, the truth is, many of us, have lost the sight of this, by putting others first and playing several roles, for instance, parents, spouses, children, employees, friends, and etc.

If financial freedom is truly what you desire to achieve, you got to transform and let go of whatever has held you back. It is a spiritual and emotional journey. You will evolve into someone who is more powerful, cheerful, and successful. Well, this is the whole essence of achieving financial freedom.

You only live once. Spend more time with your loved ones instead of worrying about money all the time. Bring your partner to a picnic. Travel with your parents. Go watch your son’s first soccer match. Life can’t get better than that.

Money (alone) Does Not Make You Rich.

Those of you who think having money on hand means having financial freedom. Think it again! Old Grandet by Honore De Balzac, he once was the richest and most prestigious businessman in French town of Saumur. Despite an enormously wealthy man , but he still lives in a dark , dilapidated old house. In the eyes of the old Grandet, money above all else. In 1827, he passed away leaving the legacy of 18 million francs.

Nobody wants to follow Old Grandet’s path. As a matter of fact, you should make use of the money to generate more of it. Sounds difficult? Well, good news is, it’s not as difficult as designing a rocket.

Make no mistake, unless you are a hermit living on a secular island totally off the grid, money plays a central role in our lives.

In order to achieve real freedom (where you can pursue anything that your heart truly desires), one must first achieve financial freedom.

That is the sad reality facing all of us (unless you are an hermit but you definitely isn’t one because you are reading this on the internet).

It is worth noting that financial freedom (or financial independence means different things to different people).

Some people define it has having a large number savings where they can live off it for the rest of their lives

Some people are contended with having a fix monthly income (passive) for the rest of their lives

There really isn’t a correct answer because it depends on what you want.

All of us are at different stages of planning for our financial freedom (for e.g. your retirement planning) and I would like to bring to your attention of what forex trading can do for your financial health. At RussoWoods, we genuinely believe and have already achieved success in generating passive income in forex trading.

Duh… Yet Another Money Making Scam / MLM?

Sure, anything that involves money will make people sit up and exercise caution. This is human nature and right now, we are not asking you to invest in us by putting money in us, nothing of this kind.

We would like you to really open your mind and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you have a comprehensive plan for your retirement?
  2. Are you enjoying what you are doing right now?
  3. Are you truly living your life?
  4. Do you have any plans to increase your income now?
  5. Do you have any plans to increase your income in the near future?
  6. Have you taken concrete steps to execute your plans?

Are you ready, in fact to take actions by first opening your mind and learning what needs to be learnt?

If you are doing the same old things over and over again all these while expecting different results,  Albert Einstein said this is INSANITY!

Now, let’s break things down into small digestible parts for you. I have read from various self help book before:

  1. In order to change your destiny, you must first change your habits
  2. In order to change your habits, you must first change your actions
  3. In order to change your actions, you must first change your mindset
  4. In order to change your mindset, you must first open your mind!

Opening one’s mind sounds easy enough but it really sounds easier said than done. Firstly you must accept the fact that if you want different results, you must do things differently. This is sanity!

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