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The key to success in investing is education! We could go on for hours here on divesification but we will keep the story short on how it can benefit you!

By becoming a member with us, what you are really buying are:

  1. Buying in our 20 years of experience. Each of us have 20 years of experience in trading and most importantly – we can consistently generate results! (yes take this with a pinch of salt for now) :)
  2. Trade without emotions – we are financial war veterans who doesn’t think twice about firing orders into the markets – whether they are up or down, bulls or bears. We kill anything for profits. Mercenaries who are battle-harden with no emotions. Outsourcing this portion of your investment to us will save you from many sleepness nights!
  3. Having a seasoned mentor with you 24/7. Thanks to the internet, by becoming a member it’s like having us watching over you like a guardian angel growing your portfolio. How much would you pay to have someone like us on your team?

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Stop right now, take a deep breath and pause for a second…

We are not expecting you to invest EVERYTHING on us. In fact, we do not recommend you to do so. Any well-intended financial advisors will tell you to hold 10% – 15% in precious metals (gold and silver) and another 10%-15% in high risks investments (for higher returns) while keeping the rest in fairly safe investments such as bank fixed deposit (time deposit), bonds, blue chip stocks.

If you are seeking higher returns, we are certain we can help!

Now, we are not a fund manager where you park money with us, you park your money with a reputed forex broker (never with us), setup a mt4 trading platform (forex trading software) and follow us in our trades!

Never will we ask you to park any money with us!

The idea is this, you can benefit by simply following what we are trading! This is us putting our money where our mouths are! We definitely want to profit from our own investments and you can profit with us too!


We are not going to ask you part with thousands or a few hundreds dollars right now. Every month, we post 3-4 forex trading signals for FREE and you can guage how well we are performing! We are in no hurry to sell you anything, in fact we recommend that you take your time, follow us on our blog and see for yourselves how we are doing before you decide you want in!

Do we win all the time?

The definite answer is a big big “NO!” Nobody can win all the time in all trades. But we would like you to consider the following:

Do you know it is possible to be wrong 90% of the time and still make money?

Mathematically this is possible, if you were to make 10 trades, be ABSOLUTELY WRONG in 9 trades but still make a profit overall!

This is because whenever a trade turns against us (doesn’t go our way), we take loss automatically and close the position. And for your information, at the point in time we place our orders, our automated stop loss limit is set to minimise risks. With minimal losses (risk management) in the losing trades and big winners, it is mathematically possible to turn a profit with only 1 winning trade of out 10!

Our Win Rates Are Way Better Than This!

Well of course, we ourselvers do not believe any and everything we read on the internet, and neither should you. Anyone can make bold claims like us – perhaps we can boost that we have private jets, big mansions and living the high life.

We are not going to do that

In fact, the right thing for you to do is this. Understand that professional traders who can help you make money in forex are not the guys in tuxedo working in big banks driving fancy cars. The ones who are already successful in this do not necessary want the fame or be a show off.

We just want to lead the life we want and we want you to know that we can help you.

To get started, we need you go take a few days and think about what we can do. And the most immediate action you can take right now is to bookmark our website and check out our free forex signals and sign up for our newsletter!

Take your time, as long as you need and watch us walk the talk (with our forex signals given to you before the events unfold).

Trust isn’t bestow upon us over the internet (especially when it comes to investments). We are here to earn your trust slowly.

Sign up for our free newsletter to receive 3-4 forex signals in your email monthly before you subscribe!